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Best Above Ground Pool Liner – Overlap and Beaded Liner Reviews 2018

If you have an above ground pool at home, it goes without saying that you need to invest in a high-quality pool liner. The latter will help not only in improving the aesthetics, but it will also be crucial in making sure that water is kept inside the pool area and that there will be no leakage. To add, it also prevents the growth of algae and will provide a non-slippery surface where you can walk when using the pool.

Shopping for the best above ground pool liner is a task that can overwhelm most people, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are certain factors that you have to consider, such as the material of the liner and the size of the pool, among others. If you need help, keep on reading and learn more about some of the top products that you should include in your list of choices.

Top 4 Best Above Ground Pool Liners 2018

#1 (Editor’s Choice) Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner

Without a doubt, a pool liner is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your above ground swimming pool. This pool liner will do exactly that. It has a pleasing design that is sure to turn heads.

More than the design, the quality of the pool liner is hard to match. It comes with a 100% vinyl base. The materials used can resist harsh chemicals, UV rays, and abrasion, among other elements that could have a negative impact in its wear and tear. It has been vulcanized, heat-bonded, and vacuum-sealed. These processes make sure that it will be able to withstand the test of time.

This pool liner comes with an overlap style. Simply put, all that you have to do is to drape it over the wall during the installation, making things a lot easier on your end. This makes it perfect for a budget-friendly alternative. Based on the specifications from the manufacturer, this will work for pool walls with a maximum height of 52 inches.

Lastly, it is also good to know that the manufacturer is offering an industry-leading 25-year warranty against defects and problems in craftsmanship.

#2 (Overlap) Harris 21-Foot Round Overlap Boulder Swirl Pool Liner

Similar to the product that has been mentioned above, this pool liner also comes with an overlap style, which means that you just have to connect it to the walls. It has an attractive boulder design that is sure to make the above ground swimming pool more inviting. There is a boulder design on the top and it is plain blue colored all the way to the floor.

It is made of premium 20-gauge 100% virgin vinyl that is hard to match when it comes to the versatility that it offers. It has a protective barrier from the harsh heat of the sun, as well as other external elements that could significantly affect its longevity. It also has superior resistance against cold cracks.

This product also comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer.

#3 (Overlap) Quality Pool Products 24-Foot Round Overlap Pool Liner

Want to make your above ground pool look like a creek surrounded with stones? This pool liner will do the trick. It has an attractive 3D stone design that looks realistic. Meanwhile, with the blue color, it makes the swimming pool look more relaxing.

The pool liner has an impressive seam design, which will make it last longer. The vinyl, on the other hand, will not be easily prone to the heat of the sun or the damages that could be caused by the UV rays. It is thick enough as well to resist abrasions and scratches. With a thickness of 25 gauge, you can also be confident that it will not be easily prone to wear, even if the pool is used daily.

When it comes to the installation of the liner, there is no need to waste time and effort. With a helping hand, you can do the task within a few minutes. It comes with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

This pool liner also has a 25-year warranty.

#4 (Beaded) Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool Liner

If budget is not an issue, this is one product that is worth looking at. The steep price can be easily justified by the overall quality of the product. This is different from the three mentioned above because it is a beaded style pool liner and not an overlap. You will need a bead channel that will be attached to the wall of the pool, which will make the installation quite tricky. The beaded receiver that is necessary for the assembly of the liner should be purchased separately.

With a size of 16 feet, this is made for above ground swimming pools with a depth of up to 52 inches.

One of the innovative features of the pool liner is the Lamiclear technology. Simply put, this provides a laminate protective barrier against UV rays and chemicals, making sure that the liner will withstand the test of time. It also has a welded construction to demonstrate exceptional strength and to prevent leaking even after years of use.

With the deep blue color of this liner, the swimming pool is sure to look more inviting!

Wrap Up

Indeed, an above ground pool liner can prove to be useful in more ways than one. From giving the pool a better look to making sure that there will be no leaks, it is a must-have. Whether it is an overlap or beaded style, it can be a savior!

While there is an abundance of options that are available, our favorite is the Smartline Bedrock 24-foot round liner. With an overlap style, it is an affordable and easy to install pool liner compared to its beaded counterpart. Plus, it is made using top-notch materials, providing you with the assurance that it will withstand the test of time.

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